Our policies during the pandemic

During this unprecedented situation, guests are strongly advised to consider their own personal safety (as well as that of their family and friends) first and foremost. The following policy statements outline the options available to you if you have a future reservation at one of our vacation homes and your reservation is affected by COVID-19.

Currently there are no restrictions on our vacation homes and all are available for use.

Option 1 - Change Dates

You are able to change your dates if your reservation is affected by the COVID-19 (Corona virus) pandemic. This applies to any reservation with a check-in date at least 48 hours from now and no more than 30 days away. To change your dates, please send your request to You will only be able to change your dates if your balance has been paid. Changes will not be applied to reservations outside the 30-day window. If you do not know what future dates you would like to change to, you will be issued with a credit for the full amount of your reservation. This credit will expire if not used within 15 months from issue.

Option 2 - Cancel Your Reservation

You can cancel your reservation in one of two ways. If you booked via an OTA (HomeAway, Vrbo etc), please visit your dashboard and submit your cancellation request. You may get a refund of your OTA service fee. However, please be advised that no other refunds will be given (for the balance, or deposit). If you booked your reservation directly, please email your cancellation request to Again, please be advised that no refunds will be given. The scale of guests affected by this situation is such that we are unable to override our standard cancellation policies and provide refunds (only credits as outlined above). This is because we do not have the financial resources to do so. Our business has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to survive this incredibly difficult period, support our owners (who provide the homes), and support our guests with reservations for the future, our standard terms and conditions of rental will continue to apply to all in place reservations.

Our Homes - Future Use

Our homes continue to be available, all can be used and enjoyed by guests. You can rest assured that all our homes will have been meticulously sanitized, disinfected and treated with Ozone prior to your arrival (Ozone is used to treat hospitals, operating theaters and other sanitation critical spaces). It is our considered opinion that Vacation rentals will be a safer alternative to other public lodging options. Other public lodging establishments with their numerous shared spaces, handrails, elevators, amenities, etc. are a potential breeding ground for the spread of this virus. For this reason, stand-alone vacation rental homes are a very compelling public safety alternative to other types of lodging.